HABERSHAM: 843-379-3287 LADY'S ISLAND: 843-379-2237
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“A Pizza-Lover’s Hidden Gem”

This place here has some GOOD pizza…Haven’t really had anything with quite the same taste to compare it to before, it’s got it’s own taste, which I like. They offer pizza, subs, salads, basically the usual fare for a pizza parlor, and they’ve got beer on the menu as well. The guys running it were very friendly, too.

Patrick - Trip Advisor

“Best Pizza Around! Hands Down!”

This pizza was perfect! Crispy crust, which is kind of what I judge good pizza on. We had 3 salads a couple of beers and a couple of bottled root beers. But the pizza! Oh my – the pizza! I can’t wait to go back for more. Or have it delivered, which I understand they do.

Skinny - Trip Advisor

“Definitely Worth The Drive For This Pizza”

This fantastic pizza place in Habersham SC, is definitely worth the drive. You really owe it to your self to try the best gourmet pizza in South Carolina. You can really taste the delicate flavour and freshness of the carefully selected ingredients in every bite. My favorite is the Margherita, I’m never disapointed.

Seet - Trip Advisor